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IDeeJazz 2018 @Tartu ticket information

Where & when

Tickets for the 8th IDeeJazz can be bought from Piletilevi’s website ( and vendors all over Estonia. Tickets can be bought immediately before the concert on the spot only if there are still seats left.

Big stars, small halls!

Buy your tickets here:


Up until (and including) the 14th of October, all tickets are available with extra cheap prices! The prices of regular and discount tickets can be found on the artist pages and Piletilevi’s website.


We are offering single tickets for specific concerts, day tickets, and also festival passes that let you attend all the IDeeJazz @Tartu concerts at an affordable rate.

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See also: Tickets

IDeeJazz 2018 @Tartu venue

Estonian National Museum

Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu

The Estonian National Museum in Raadi offers diverse possibilities for organising a wonderful music event in November-time Estonia.

IDeeJazz @Tartu concerts take place in the Estonian National Museum’s Theatre Hall, Jakob Hurt Hall and extensive bridge area. During the breaks, it is possible to have something to eat in the museum restaurant or cafe and visit various exhibitions.

The Estonian National Museum in Raadi opened on the 1st of October, 2016. The beautiful modern museum building at the former Raadi airfield is an architectural reflection of a long journey from wide to narrow, thus symbolising a temporal journey from our recent times (which we remember extensively) all the way back to the Stone Age (of which we know rather little). It forms a path that follows through the essential historical moments in the development of the Estonian nation.

This refuge of the Estonian nation and culture fulfills several purposes. As a national museum, it is responsible for interpreting Estonian identity, sustaining the fundamental national values and preserving continuity. On the other hand, it also functions as an open and inclusive cultural and learning environment, offering exciting educational activities for all ages. The guests will encounter material as well as virtual aspects of a living culture, inviting them to explore, acknowledge and participate in everything and thus bridging the gap between younger and older generations. The Museum applies the methods of intercultural collaboration and dialogue.

Theatre Hall
Located in the B-area of the building and equipped with an up-to-date sound, light and presentation technology, the black box theatre offers wide-ranging possibilities and suits perfectly for staging concerts. The Theatre Hall is the first public room with its kind of advanced technology in Tartu, which makes it a great place for artistic experimentation.

Jakob Hurt Hall
The 250-seat hall is located in the A-area of the building and equipped with modern technology. Its wall is covered with the artwork “Käbi ja kännud” (lit. “Pine and Stumps”, a name inspired by the Estonian version of the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”) – a giant tapestry that depicts ten tree trunks covered with the most common Estonian tree-related surnames, along with given names. The Jakob Hurt Hall also hosts Tartu Jazz Club concerts around the year.

The Estonian National Museum is located at Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu.

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